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GUIR's History and Evolution

Front line community work in Redfern, NSW is a training ground for the uninitiated. Cultures clash and boundary lines are constantly redrawn, often documented in the national media. It is a space where morality is tested and for better or worse, personal qualities are revealed. It is also a place where human restoration, reconstruction and reconnection occur, it is the birthplace of many Australian heroes, and where Gamarada and the COURAGE Coaching Model sprung into being from humble beginnings with Gamarada Universal Indigenous Resources, Managing Director - Ken Zulumovski.

Ken’s tribal name is Kira-dhan, he is a Kubbi Kubbi first nations descendent. He is also a former soldier of the Royal Australian Army and a qualified mental heath practitioner. He studied the application of Dadirri, a traditional, Indigenous contemplative practice of 'deep listening and quiet stillness' for leadership, trauma recovery, and for health and wellbeing under Tribal Elder Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumanan of the Daly River NT. Dadirri involves an experiential process of generating acute awareness to the self, the present, and the task ahead by connecting to people and country, understanding circumstantial change, seeing what bonds us, and using tools to connect deeper and to manage the moment.

In 2007, Ken applied his knowledge and experience to developing and delivering free community 'Healing and Leadership' programs to support his community-based, not-for-profit organisation, Gamarada Indigenous Healing and Life Training Ltd. Dadirri now forms the foundation of the programs that he and his team deliver to communities. Gamarada has the longest continual, non-funded community Healing and Leadership program in Australia. This community work provides a fulfilling and rewarding purpose and adds value to GUIRs core business. “its bringing a deeper sense of peace and productivity into families, classrooms, sporting clubs, workplaces and social networks”. GUIR is building cultural capacity in organisations and with individuals seeking professional or personal advancement.

In 2010 Ken founded two companies the 1st, Gamarada Indigenous Healing and Life Training Ltd, a not for profit organization with charity status. The objects of this company are to:
(a) assist Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families (Recipients) through the direct relief of sickness, poverty, suffering, distress and helplessness;
(b) increase social inclusion, family cohesion and economic engagement of Recipients to relieve sickness, poverty, suffering, distress and helplessness by bringing the community together and directly addressing barriers that exist between the Recipients and the rest of the community ; and
(c) undertake such other steps as are necessary or incidental to further the above objects.

The 2nd was Gamarada Universal Indigenous Resources (GUIR) Pty Ltd, a 100% Indigenous owned company providing specialised programs and professional services to the Private, Government and Not for Profit sectors.

Professional Biography for Mr Ken Zulumovski

Ken Zulumovski – ‘Kira-dhan, Kabi Kabi nation’ graduate of the ‘Djurawang, (Bachelor, Health Sciences, Mental Health CSU). His career spans 20 years in program development across Indigenous communities. Ken held a part-time career in the Royal Australian Army where for 8 years he trained as an artillery crew commander and a defense force representative on Indigenous programs. He is the founder and CEO of the not for profit, Gamarada Indigenous Healing and Life Training Ltd, in Redfern NSW. This organisation responds to the therapeutic and educational need for culturally sensitive community healing and life skills programs targeting, family violence, addiction and suicide. It also works to improve access to justice, education and health care. In 2010 Gamarada was recognised by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet with an Excellence Award for Building Leadership in Indigenous Communities

Ken is Founder and Managing Director of Gamarada, Universal Indigenous Resources (GUIR), a 100% Indigenous owned company working nationally to support Education, Justice, Health and Employment industries with Professional Services, Therapeutic Programs and Community Engagement initiatives

Ken was nominated for the Australian of the Year Award in 2017