GUIR’s Culture & People

People are important to us 

Our People, Culture and Reputation

People are important to us, therefore we aim to engage with high performing talent in a variety of roles, levels and from diverse backgrounds as well as organisations who value the same.

As we grow GUIR will make every effort to provide a work culture that is flexible, inclusive and one that reflects our client base. Ensuring our people have access to a corporate induction program, including compliance training. Support external studies and internal development opportunities, access to reward and incentive programs. Encourage flexible working arrangements and ensure workplace policies are adhered to, by providing access to efficient systems, policy and processes.

Our brand and reputation are intrinsically linked to our values and the diversity of the cultural backgrounds of our team, partners and clients. We are proud of who we are, proud of who we work with and we strive to be the best in all of our endeavours from the grand to the small.

Our people are our business, brand and reputation. Training in Aboriginal cultural heritage, history and services delivery is provided to all new team members as well as client service and ongoing training and development. We invest in our team to create a happy, loyal and productive workforce. In turn, this translates to improved and enhanced service delivery and outcomes for our clients.