GUIR’s Profile

Committed to supporting Aboriginal communities 

Company Overview

Gamarada Universal Indigenous Resources Pty Ltd (GUIR) is a privately owned ASIC registered business providing Aboriginal Mental Health and Wellbeing Program consulting services to the public, private and community, education, justice and health sectors. The business has been registered since September 2011 and commenced trading in financial year 2013. The current management has operated in consulting roles in the health, education and justice sectors over the past 18 years.

The CEO is passionate about providing value for money, quality programs and services to each client and project and seeks to build trusted long-term partnerships with clients, alliance partners and suppliers to deliver on the company’s mission and to build a successful sustainable business.

The business is 100% Aboriginal owned and managed by Ken Zulumovski. In addition to its direct service offerings the company is also committed to supporting Aboriginal communities across Australia through advocating for and providing training, employment and economic development opportunities through its business endeavours wherever possible.

Ken’s vision is that GUIR will play a pivotal role in architecting the framework for a cohesive and collaborative program and service design and delivery in Aboriginal Male and Youth Mental Health across NSW which will then expand countrywide.

GUIR was born out of Ken’s experience in the Aboriginal Mental Health services provision sector and in particular via his involvement in the design, development and delivery of the not for profit Gamarada Indigenous Healing and Life Skills (GIHLS) program which has been operating in Redfern for over 5 years. Ken is still actively involved in the grass roots, community driven initiative which has recently expanded its’ services to children and youth in Glebe. The program is auspiced by the Community Services Centre in Sydney and as a grass roots program does not have the remit to offer the range of services that GUIR can.


Our mission is to create and deliver organic grass roots community initiatives which deliver extensive and far reaching therapeutic outcomes for individuals and communities. And also,Our vision is to enable widespread consistent and reliable outcomes in the area of Aboriginal male and youth mental health through the health, education and justice systems.

GUIR designs and delivers programs as a nexus between discrepancies in health and economic participation which are underpinned by a unique synergy of Healing, Justice and Education to deliver a truly holistic service option for the community and service providers – commonly known in the mental health sector as “trauma informed care”.

We are raising the bar in this area by informing sound mental health and wellbeing policies and establishing sustainable interconnected holistic programs based on solid evidence-based research and practical delivery and engagement strategies in the following sectors:

  • Education – Higher & vocational sectors for those studying in areas of Aboriginal program service provision
  • Justice – in early intervention as well as for each stage of the formal justice system
  • Health – providing the framework and clinical action plan to deliver truly successful early intervention mental health and wellbeing programs for those at risk

In the area of cultural education we go far beyond the historical background to explore and engage in a contemporary context to ensure truly valuable learnings which will translate into genuinely sustainable positive outcomes. Our focus is on “Cultural capability over cultural awareness”.

Everything we do is focused on delivering measurable, short and long term outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities as part of the overarching “Closing the Gap” mission.

One of the key elements and unique offerings GUIR is able to bring to the market is the various Gamarada Healing & Life Skills programs for which we are in the process of finalising the license to the intellectual property developed in the original program by our CEO.

We are driven by the following:

  • The extent of the gap in Aboriginal mental health outcomes and the impatience and absolute need to close it
  • Current lack of truly holistic, collaborative and cohesive approach to addressing the problems between all services providers across multiple sectors
  • Need to address issues and provide solutions at a community grass roots level – to empower change
  • Belief that a universal collaborative effort is the only way to effect significant and long term positive outcomes