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Counselling Services


GUIR is first choice for specialised counselling and support for young people and families. Our philosophies, values and credibility within the broad field of Indigenous Mental Health, Social Emotional Well Being and Individual and Community empowerment gives us the edge in providing specialised counselling and family support to those of our communities most vulnerable.

GUIR has over 15 years of experience delivering outreach counselling. We help individuals and communities tackle complex issues such as: grief and loss, family dislocation, victims of crime, death of loved ones, incarceration, addiction, family violence, sexual abuse including violence against women, working with the Stolen Generations, self harm, financial hardship and problem gambling. GUIR specialises in individual counselling, therapeutic group support, and community reengagement. Our services are backed by an extensive network of support and referral services to further assist individuals in a truly holistic way where needed. (insert the link to the website and the NSW FACS approved service, Logo)